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Mutual relations are expected to enhance the competitiveness of individual participants and the entire region (of the location).

Taking examples from three German cities, this article examines the preconditions for and potentials of cluster strategies from the viewpoint of economic development promotion practice.The main focus is on identifying types of cluster in terms of actor patterns and on specific requirements for the design of cluster management concepts at the local government level. Christliche singles kassel Practical experience is assessed in the light of current regional research findings.After all, political actors, especially in economically weak cities and regions, are under strong pressure to take action. However, he is explicitly sceptical about the direct feasibility of clusters "from scratch." Audretsch (in Bröcker et al.They are often prepared to clutch at any straw that allows them to report positive action. 2003, 11) even writes about the "obsession of policy-makers around the globe to create the next Silicon Valley." The aim of this article is to give an overview of German cluster-oriented regional policy, to assess different actor approaches, and, citing a number of examples, to examine the preconditions for cluster strategies and their prospects for success from the economic development promotion point of view.

Gratis dating plattform Wolfsburg

In research and in European structural policy, the role of urban spaces for innovation and growth is being reassessed.Unfortunately, the Federal Government continues its fiscal and political neglect of cities. Basic Types of Cluster Development 3.1 Historical Sector Clusters 3.2 Entrepreneurial Self-Organisation in a Regional Competence Field 3.3 Economic Policy Promotion of Sectoral Development 3.4 Cluster Promotion Integrated into Regional Development 3.5 "Wishful Thinking Clusters" (Enright 2003) 4. Status of Cluster Orientation in Research, Planning, and Economic Development Promotion Practice 2.1 Definitions 2.2 Priority Concepts In Research 2.3 Clusters in Regional Policy and Economic Development Promotion 3.A flood of so-called city rankings has reminded the political and business communities of the notorious fact that economic strength and locational quality differ from region to region in Germany even where underlying conditions are comparable.

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Cities and regions develop economically very differently.Conditions for Success 6.1 Information 6.2 Organisation of Cluster Management 6.3 Structural Factors for Success 6.4 Lobbying 7.Conclusion; Open Questions Notes References Summary: Sector-oriented economic development focussing on priority locations has become an important strategic economic development approach for cities and ministries of economic affairs.The Global Cluster Initiative Survey identified 509 cluster initiatives worldwide in 2003 (Sölvell et al. Development projects running under the cluster label are highly diverse, including: Many current cluster projects in Germany have been initiated in public-private partnership (PPP) by strategically thinking actors, sometimes together with firms that play a determining role in certain locations (e.g., VW in Wolfsburg, Thyssen Krupp in Dortmund, AMD in Dresden, DATEV and Lucent in Nuremberg).State government is generally happy to follow up local approaches, for not a few past programmes initiated by states have shown little success.


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