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A Nonparametric Partially Identified Estimator for Equivalence Scales Nr 525 Pilny, A. Stroka Choice of Received Long-term Care – Individual Responses to Regional Nursing Home Provisions Nr 524 Franke, J., W. Wasser Revenue Maximizing Head Starts in Contests Nr 523 Heufer, J. Hjertstrand Consistent Subsets – Computationally Feasible Methods to Compute the Houtman-Maks-Index Nr 522 Kihm, A., N. An Experimental Investigation Nr 527 Hentschker, C. Mennicken Selective-referral and Unobserved Patient Heterogeneity – Bias in the Volume-outcome Relationship Nr 526 Dudel, C. A Spatial-temporal Analysis Using Quantile Regression Nr 521 Kihm, A. Vance The Determinants of Equity Transmission Between the New and Used Car Markets – A Hedonic Analysis Nr 520 Belke, A. Böing Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price Stability Nr 519 Frondel, M., K. Zwick Environmental Management Systems – Does Certification Pay? Mergers and Acquisitions in the German Hospital Market – Who are the Targets? Explaining Differentials in Subsidy Levels among Hospital Ownership Types in Germany Nr 516 Pilny, A. Mennicken Does Hospital Reputation Influence the Choice of Hospital? A Smooth Transition Approach Nr 501 Bredtmann, J., C.

Crime Spillovers on Individual Well-being Nr 539 Döhrn, R. an de Meulen Weather, the Forgotten Factor in Business Cycle Analyses Nr 538 Grimm, M. Peters Beer, Wood, and Welfare Nr 537 Kairies-Schwarz, N., J. Taxes and Corporate Financing Decisions: Evidence from the Belgian ACE Reform Nr 532 aus dem Moore, N., T. Do Macroeconomic Shocks Affect Intuitive Inflation Forecasting? Korfhage Long-term Care Insurance and Carers’ Labor Supply - A Structural Model Nr 514 Kleibrink, J. – Negative Health Effects from Non-Optimal Employment Nr 513 Olekseyuk, Z. Schürenberg-Frosch Are Armington Elasticities Different across Countries and Sectors? Work and Well-Being of Informal Caregivers in Europe Nr 511 Micheli, M., J. Dekkers Border Effects in House Prices Nr 510 Kunze, L. Altruism Heterogeneity and Quality Competition Among Healthcare Providers Nr 506 Baur, D., J. Czudaj Gold Price Forecasts in a Dynamic Model Averaging Framework – Have the Determinants Changed Over Time? Age at First Birth and Educational Attainment in Indonesia Nr 502 Beckmann, J., T. Czudaj Does Gold Act as a Hedge or a Safe Haven for Stocks? Otten The Effect of Gender Equality on International Soccer Performance Nr 500 Rühl, T. gratis dansk dating Høje-Taastrup Tauchmann Small Cash Rewards for Big Losers – Experimental Insights Into the Fight Against the Obesity Epidemic Nr 529 Brosig-Koch, J., N. Kokot Sorting into Physician Payment Schemes – A Laboratory Experiment Nr 528 Deversi, M. The Effect of Unemployment on Social Participation Nr 509 Klein, M. Krause Income Redistribution, Consumer Credit, and Keeping up with the Riches Nr 508 Heinrich, T. Mayrhofer Higher-order Risk Preferences in Social Settings - An Experimental Analysis Nr 507 Kairies-Schwarz, N. Belke Labor Market Reforms and Current Account Imbalances - Beggar-thy-Neighbor Policies in a Currency Union? Does Timing of Health and Family Planning Services Matter? Stein Discovering and Disentangling Effects of US Macro-Announcements in European Stock Markets Nr 499 Bachmann, R., P. Nilsson Life Expectancy and Mother-Baby Interventions. Evidence from A Historical Trial Nr 503 Strupat, C. Rzepka Labour Market Dynamics and Worker Heterogeneity During the Great Recession – Evidence from Europe Nr 498 Bensch, G., M. Peters Why Do Households Forego High Returns from Technology Adoption - Evidence from Improved Cook Stoves in Burkina Faso Nr 497 Leininger, W. Moghadam Evolutionary Stability in Asymmetric Oligopoly.

Kostenlos casual dating Mannheim

Wage Growth, Urbanization, and Firm Characteristics - Evidence for Germany Nr 630 Okoampah, S. Roberts Policy Evaluation, Randomized Controlled Trials, and External Validity – A Systematic Review Nr 588 Peters, J., A. Sievert Preferences over Bank and Family Loans in Rural Rwanda Nr 587 Engel, D., M. Eckl Systemic Aspects of R&D Policy - Subsidies for R&D Collaborations and Their Effects on Private R&D Nr 586 Belke, A., U. Setzer Regional Bank Efficiency and its Effect on Regional Growth in “Normal” and “Bad” Times Nr 585 Dang, R. Westphal The Long Shadows of Past Insults - Intergenerational Transmission of Health over 130 Years Nr 570 Sievert, M. Rosas Shady Experimental Evidence on the Long-Term Impacts of a Youth Training Program Nr 561 Reichert, A. The Robustness of the Effects of Public Investment in Infrastructure on Private Output: Evidence for Germany Nr 559 Kitlinski, T. an de Meulen The Role of Targeted Predictors for Nowcasting GDP with Bridge Models: Application to the Euro Area Nr 558 Kitlinski, T. Schmidt The Political Economy of Public Investment when Population is Aging – A Panel Cointegration Analysis Nr 556 Peters, J. Sievert Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited – The African Context Nr 555 Lenz, L., A. Impacts of Rwanda’s Electricity Access Roll-Out Program Nr 554 Grimm, M., A. Labor Market Returns to College Education with Vocational Qualifications Nr 632 Hentschker, C. Wübker The Impact of Technology Diffusion in Health Care Markets – Evidence from Heart Attack Treatment Nr 631 Kelle, M. Wübker Weight Loss and Sexual Activity in Adult Obese Individuals: Establishing a Causal Link Nr 560 Kitlinski, T. Sievert Does Large Scale Infrastructure Investment Alleviate Poverty? Istanbul/München - Am Sonntag haben die türkischen Bürger über die Verfassungsänderung von Präsident Erdogan abgestimmt. kostenlos casual dating Mannheim-90kostenlos casual dating Mannheim-19kostenlos casual dating Mannheim-64 Die Ruhr Economic Papers werden von den wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultäten der Universitäten Bochum, Dortmund und Duisburg-Essen sowie dem RWI gemeinsam herausgegeben. Die Ruhr Economic Papers dienen der Verbreitung von wissenschaftlichen Forschungsergebnissen der Mitglieder der beteiligten Fakultäten, der Mitarbeiter des RWI und der Doktoranden der RGS Econ in internationalen Fachkreisen bei gleichzeitiger Wahrung der wissenschaftlichen Autonomie der Fakultäten. Ziebarth Introducing Risk Adjustment and Free Health Plan Choice in Employer-Based Health Insurance: Evidence from Germany Nr 681 Carrieri, V., F. Oil Price Uncertainty and the Business Cycle: Accounting for the Influences of Global Supply and Demand Within a VAR GARCH-In-Mean Framework Nr 673 Fuest, A. Schmidt Inflation Expectation Uncertainty, Inflation and the Output Gap Nr 672 Gerster, A. Plant-Level Evidence from German Manufacturing Nr 671 Andor, M., A. Sommer Consumer Inattention, Heuristic Thinking and the Role of Energy Labels Nr 670 Sprenger, J. Spillovers of Banking Regulation: The Effect of the German Bank Levy on the Lending Rates of Regional Banks and Their Local Competitors Nr 663 Belke, A., I. Volz Long-Term Interest Rate Spillovers from Major Advanced Economies to Emerging Asia Nr 662 Bayar, M. Wiesen Physician Performance Pay: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment Nr 657 Belke, A., I. Osowski Policy Uncertainty and International Financial Markets: The Case of Brexit Nr 656 Sprenger, J. Peters Are Promotion Programs Needed to Establish Off-Grid Solar Energy Markets? Infrastructure and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa – A Review Nr 627 Frondel, M. Vance Cycling on the Extensive and Intensive Margin – The Role of Paths and Prices Nr 626 Sprenger, J. Schmidt EU Structural Funds and Regional Income Convergence – A Sobering Experience Nr 607 Heger, D. Dang Do Welfare Dependent Neighbors Matter for Individual Welfare Dependency? Local Governments’ Indebtedness and Its Impact on Real Estate Prices Nr 604 Baur, D., J. Czudaj The Relative Valuation of Gold Nr 603 Paloyo, A., S. Siminski The Effect of Supplemental Instruction on Academic Performance – An Encouragement Design Experiment Nr 602 Dang, R. Kronen Exchange Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in Greek Exports to the Euro Area, the US and Turkey - Sectoral Evidence Nr 592 Roos, M. Explaining the Body Mass Index Gaps between Turkish Immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012 - A Decomposition Analysis of Socio–economic Causes Nr 579 Bensch, G., J. Sievert The Lighting Transition in Africa – From Kerosene to LED and the Emerging Dry-Cell Battery Problem Nr 578 Becker, N., K. Heufer That’s Just - not Fair: Gender Differences in Notions of Justice Nr 577 Belke, A., U. Hallo, ja ich habe meine Traumpartnerin hier gefunden und bin so glücklich mit ihr.

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Daher bin ich nicht mehr auf der Suche und melde ...Endgültiges Ziel ist die Publikation der Beiträge in einer referierten Fachzeitschrift oder einem Sammelband. Kleibrink Occupational Mismatch of Immigrants in Europe: The Role of Education and Cognitive Skills Nr 686 Dehos, F. Paul The Effects of After-School Programs on Maternal Employment Nr 685 Bensch, G. Peters One-off Subsidies and Long-Run Adoption – Experimental Evidence on Improved Cooking Stoves in Senegal Nr 683 Heinrich, N., A. Wuckel Waiting Times for Outpatient Treatment in Germany: New Experimental Evidence from Primary Data Nr 682 Pilny, A., A. Financial Consulting: A Qualitative Study on Its Role in Financial Decision Making Nr 669 Höckel, L. Collectivism: How Inherited Cultural Values Affect Labor Market Outcomes of Second Generation Immigrants in the US Nr 668 Kolodziej, I. García-Gómez The Causal Effects of Retirement on Mental Health: Looking Beyond the Mean Effects Nr 667 Haisken-De New, J. The Impact of Cultural Diversity on the German Housing Market Nr 661 Belke, A. Osowski Measuring Fiscal Spillovers in EMU and Beyond: A Global VAR Approach Nr 660 Kaeding, M. Naïve Advice in Financial Decision Making: Hidden Costs of a Free Offer Nr 655 Rzepka, S. Evidence from Rural Burkina Faso Nr 652 Nelson, K., A. Vance Funding Conservation Locally: Insights from Behavioral Experiments in Indonesia Nr 651 Gallier, C., J. Vance That’s My Turf: An Experimental Analysis of Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries in Indonesia Nr 650 Bensch, G. Peters Enablers of Strong Cookstove Sales through a Purchase Offer Approach in Rural Senegal - An Explorative Analysis Nr 649 Heger, D. Korfhage Care Choices in Europe: To Each According to His Needs? Explanations or Advice – The Impact of Financial Literacy on Information Acquisition Behavior Nr 625 Kussel, G. Walker Heterogeneous Effects of High School Peers on Educational Outcomes Nr 611 Kunze, L. Suppa Unemployment as a Social Norm Revisited – Novel Evidence from German Counties Nr 610 Beckmann, J. Czudaj Effective Exchange Rates, Current Accounts and Global Imbalances Nr 609 Han, J., N. Vomhof Quality Competition and Hospital Mergers - An Experiment Nr 608 Breidenbach, P., T. Decomposing Differences in Health and Inequality Using Quasi-Objective Health Indices Nr 606 Bauer, T. A Decomposition Analysis of Cigarette Consumption Differences between Male Turkish Immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012 Nr 601 Frondel, M., F. Vance Heterogeneous Rebound Effects: Comparing Estimates from Discrete-Continuous Models Nr 600 Belke, A., D. Osowski Did Quantitative Easing Affect Interest Rates Outside the US? Kind Does Parental Unemployment Affect the Quality of their Children’s First Job? Is there Heterogeneity in the Response of Consumption to Income Shocks? We Could not Care Less about Armington Elasticities – But Should We? Zielgruppe ist die internationale Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft. Die Beiträge sind grundsätzlich in englischer Sprache. Fast, Approximate MCMC for Bayesian Analysis of Large Data Sets: A Design Based Approach Nr 659 Belke, A., C. Gros Business Cycle Synchronization in the EMU: Core vs. Analyzing Further Training Participation Rates across Waves in the NEPS Data Nr 654 Bredtmann, J., F. Otten Remittances and the Brain Drain: Evidence from Microdata for Sub-Saharan Africa Nr 653 Bensch, G., M. Adaptation to Climate Variability – Evidence from German Households Nr 624 Vomhof, M. Smaga (When) Should a Non-Euro Country Join the Banking Union? – New Evidence Based on Interest Rate Differentials Nr 599 Bachmann, R. Frings Monopsonistic Competition, Low-Wage Labour Markets, and Minimum Wages – An Empirical Analysis Nr 598 Bachmann, R., M. Schaffner The Effect of Minimum Wages on Labour Market Flows – Evidence from Germany Nr 597 Höckel, L., M. Stöhr Can Parental Migration Reduce Petty Corruption in Education? Vielen Dank und liebe Grüsse Guten Abend, jaaa ich habe tatsächlich über euer Portal meinen Wunschpartner gefunden, vielen Dank für die nette Betreuung. Ich werde Ihre Website auf jeden Fall weiter empfeheln.Guten Abend, jaaa ich habe tatsächlich über euer Portal meinen Wunschpartner gefunden, vielen Dank für die nette Betreuung. Es sieht so aus, dass ich meinen Traumpartner, ein Premiummitglied gefunden habe. Herzliche Grüße Kurz nachdem ich mich bei Ihnen registriert habe, traf ich auf meinen Menschen. Hallo liebes Team, habe einen netten Mann gefunden und hoffe, daß wir unsere Beziehung aufbauen können. Hallo liebes Team, habe einen netten Mann gefunden und hoffe, daß wir unsere Beziehung aufbauen können.


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